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Amazing , Awesome Features in EASYPANME

  • Relational real-time information assistant

    Relational real-time information assistant

    Provide information about unit price, inventory status , inbound shipping / outbound shipping , business associates in REAL TIME when make a slip/statement/etc . It makes user work much easier.

    [ Example ) Relational information assistant ] [ Example ) Real-time information assistant ]
  • User define - Business authority settings

    Business authority settings

    Setting business authority each employee for management. it makes user manage/search about sales report / details of collection from customer by employee in charge

    [ Example ) Business authority settings ] [ Example ) Search sales report by employee in charge ]
  • User define – Preferences

    User define – Preferences

    There are items to display ( or not ) in a report / statement / basic information. so user can customize it. Also can do basic setting , security setting , user defined setting in preferences menu

    [ Example ) Select items to display ] [ Example ) How to set in preferences menu]
  • Free seach/ Internet search / Banking

    Free seach/ Internet search / Banking

    - Easily and quickly , user can get information about Product, customer by Free search(Quick Search).
    - Go through the links on the bottom of the product ∙ customers can quickly view the associated reports.
    - Do internet search / internet banking for check account balance/get information/etc while using software.

    [ Example ) Free search ]
  • Unit price management feature

    Unit price management feature

    Unit price management feature includes factory price / wholesale price / retail price / unit price sections. Basically, unit price management feature select unit price automatically when use make a slip. So user do not have to remember all of unit price. Product unit price table show user at a glance what product of [ factory price / wholesale price / retail price ]

    [ Example ) Unit price management feature ] [ Example ) Product unit price table ]
  • Multi payment / Expenses

    Multi payment / Expenses

    User can use more than one way of payment at the same time. not just cash, not just bank, not just note, not just card. Do not have to do separately. Message about note make easy to manage expiration date of note. [ profit/cost ] statement show bank statement at a glance with [ deposit & withdrawal ] slip

    [ Example ) Multi payment ] [ Example ) Deposit & Withdrawal expenses ]
  • Tracking reports by multi windows

    Tracking reports by multi windows

    User can open reports more than one by multi windows feature. Tracking data with reports and reconfirm related slips. It helps analyse data effectively and work faster.

    [ Example) Multi window ] [ Example) Tracking a report]
  • Multiple businesses management

    Multiple businesses management

    user can manage more than 2 businesses if want. Do NOT have to repurchase for other business

    [ Example ) Select a business ] [ Example ) Add / Modify a business ]
  • Various type of data

    Various type of data

    User can save data as [ excel / text / database ] type and edit with tool personally.Feature [ Enter excel data ] makes transfering excel data to EASYPANME in a batch, also can save it as a document

    [ Example ) Save as excel data ] [ Enter as excel data ]
  • Slip for set product / [ In/Out ] type for slip

    Slip for set product / [ In/Out ] type for slip

    Slip for set product helps user who work in manufacturing to handle set product,
    When user make a slip. select type of In/Out like sale / rent / sample / donation / returned product / support

    [ Example ) Set product ] [ Example ) Select type of Out ]
  • Simple [ inventory/product cost ] adjustment

    Simple [ inventory/product cost ] adjustment

    User can use [ inventory adjustment feature ] if inventory/unit price/etc are changed because of Inventorytaking. After inventory adjustment, product cost will be changed. so if you want to change product cost, use [ product cost adjustment ]

    [ Example ) Inventory adjustment ] [ Example ) Product cost adjustment ]
  • Amazing, additional features

    Amazing, addional features

    Schedule management with calendar type of schedule management feature.
    Also there is alarm makes remind about schedule.
    Can check the sales / purchases / etc in monthly status by graph.

    [ Example ) Schedule management ] [ Example ) Monthly Status ]
  • Daily trial balance,
    Receivable Accrued expenses summary sheet

    Daily trial balance, Receivable Accrued expenses summary sheet

    Check the purchases/ sales / expenses / bank statements in daily trial balance. Available to check receivable accrued expenses status by customer

    [ Example ) Daily trial balance ] [ Example ) Receivable Accrued expenses summary sheet


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