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Easy to use, No monthly charge, Best business partner

Sales management
▶ Add barcode feature
▶ No Monthly charge
▶ Up to 5 users in Network
business Manufacturing, Service... ( Any )
Business size Multiple business management
( Warehouse, Branch office )
Number of users 1 ~ 5 ( Add network available )
O/S Windows Xp or later
( Internet is needed for update only )
Barcode scanner Additional ( Wireless / Wire Available )
Product Name Price
EasyPanme ( 1 User ) $250 $125
EasyPanme ( 3 Users ) $500 $250
EasyPanme ( 5 Users ) $750 $375

※ EasyPanme is provided by DOWNLOAD only

Product Introduction


• Avaible for all business type such as service , manufacturing, distribution, etc


• No Monthly charge, Up to 5 users share data in Network


• Barcorde feature

Useful Features

• Searching about product , customer ( Auto Search )

• Memo to each slip, easy to manage and check

• Easy to transfer data into excel

• English / Chinese / Korean / Vietnamese are supported

Product Type

Business Size
1 User ( Download )
Personal PC
Install for 1 PC - ( Small business )
3 Users ( Download )
Main shared PC
Install for 3 PCs, Sharing Data
5 Users ( Download )
Main shared PC
Install for 5 PCs, Sharing Data
Business Status
Current Status of Comprehensive Statement,
Daily Trial Balance,
Statistical Analysis by Period,
Synthesis of Income status,
Monthly Status Chart
Sales Management
Sales Statement,
Sales Status by Customer/Vendor,
Sales Status by Product,
Customer’s Ledger,
Sales Summary Sheet by Product,
Sales Summary Sheet by Customer,
Ledger of a Customer/Vendor
Purchase Management
Purchase Statement,
Purchase Status by Customer
Purchase Status by Product,
Vendor’s Ledger,
Purchase Summary Sheet by Product,
Purchase Sales Ledger
( Daily / Customer )
Collection / Payment Management
Collection Statement,
Collection Status,
Collection summary sheet,
Receivable Accrued expenses Status by Customer,
Payment Statement,
Payment Status
Inventory/InOut Management
Warehousing Statement,
Release statement,
InOut Statement,
InOut Statement by Product,
InOut Status,
Total Inventory Status
The Preliminary Data
Company Information registration, Product/Customer/Vendor registration,
Employee registration,
Credit card registration,
Company bank account registration, Carryover Information Registration
Business Management
Current Status of Sales by Employee,
Current Status of Customer Sales by Employee,
Current Status of Sales Collection by Employee in charge
Issuing Management
Quotation Management,
Purchase order Management ,
Transaction Specification Management, Sales Tax invoice,
Purchase Tax invoice,
Tax invoice Sum table,
Tax invoice Ledger
Unit Cost/Revenue Expense Management
Table of Unit Prices of Products, Table of Unit Prices of Products by Customer,
Company Unit Price Sheet by Product, Margin Table for each Customer/Vendor,
Revenue Expense Statement,
Revenue Expense Status,
Shipping Fee Statement,
Revenue Expense Summary Sheet
Cash/Bank/Credit Card/Note Management
Cash Statement, Bank Account Statement
Current Status of Bank Account Balance, Fee Statement,
Credit Card Statement,
Promissory note Statement,
Statement of Bills Expiry Date,
Statement of Bills Receivable,
Bills Payable Statement
Transaction Specification/Tax invoice,
Barcode/Print Setting,
Working Environment
Daily Overall Status,
Full Search,
Fast Search,
Internet Banking,
Schedule Management,
Payroll Managemet,
Other bond/Debt Management
Other bond/debt Statement,
Other bond/debt Status


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