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Closing company function is used to carry over all of the data until the specific month and start a new data. For example, use this function when you are working on new data from year of 2015 after carrying over all data by year of 2014.
Also, closing company is effective if the processing speed is delayed due to a lot of transaction data.
It can be inquired at any time because the data until the closing month will remain available for backups.


<How to Close company>


1) Click [Close Company] menu in [Management].

2) Insert closing date of year and month.

3) Check options.

   If you check "Delete Data after Closing Data(Month)", All the data would be deleted after closing.

   Usually this option is used for new start.

   If you uncheck "Delete Data after Closing Data(Month)", All the data would be remained after closing. 

   Usually this option is used for shortening process time. 

4) Click [Close Company] button.


5) If the closing is successful, users can check the data at any time to change the company in the list.



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