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<Inventory Adjustment>

As operating data the actual inventory and inventory on the program cannot match because of input missing, damaged goods or loss. In this case it needs to adjust the inventory.



STEP 1> Click [Inventory Adjustment] menu in [Management].

STEP 2> Click [Add] button.

STEP 3> Input the date and adjustment reason.


STEP 4> Enter adjustment quantity of the product.

STEP 5> Click [Save] button. It is recommended to recalculate product cost for adjusted product.


<Product Cost Recalculation>

As purchasing the product products cost rise or fall by the exchange rate or market conditions. In this case recalculate the product cost.


STEP 1> Click [Product Cost Recalculation] menu in [Management].

STEP 2> Click […] to select product to be recalculated.

STEP 3> Click [Cost Re-Calculation] button. If many products selected or trading volume is large, it may take a long time.


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