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Electric Stove Heaters

nrg-defra-5kw-multifuel-woodburning-stovElectric stove heaters provide the same warm and cozy ambience like wood-log burning stove fires but without the mess. They're also easier to move from rooms to get additional heat as needed.

They employ heating elements that work by conduction (when the metal coil is in contact with your pots and pans). This type of heating does not contribute to climate change.


Whether inserted into an existing fireplace or "freestanding" in the room the electric stove fireplace provides instant warmth and ambiance without the hassle and mess of a traditional wood or gas fire. These units are designed to look similar to full-powered wood and gas stoves. They are designed with a style that is compatible with a wide range of decor. Many of them also have higher BTU outputs, which makes them ideal for heating rooms up to 1,000 square feet or more.

Take a look at one of our loved electric freestanding stove heaters, such as the Costway model for those looking for a less expensive alternative that can be easily moved from room to room to provide supplemental or ambient heating. The mid-sized heater is packed with all the features and details you'd expect from a stove, including doors that double open to provide a warm, comfortable feeling to the room. It also has a stunning orange glow effect lighting that can be controlled with the push of the button.

The other alternative is an electric fireplace stove heater that is integrated into a TV stand or entertainment center, which is often much smaller and designed to sit comfortably against the wall in most homes. These types of models can be a great way to incorporate the two main focus points of your living space into a single piece of furniture, but they typically limit your options in terms of shelves and cubby holes to store media equipment and other items.

Furthermore we have a few of our most advanced electric stove heaters have an infrared quartz and halogen flame effects that can provide additional or ambient heat, while also adding visual appeal to your house. This kind of technology offers wide-reaching warmth that doesn't dry out the air and is more efficient than traditional burning flames that pulse. These heaters can be purchased with or without flame effects. They come with a remote control that allows you to easily adjust the intensity of the flame as well as the heating settings.


Some electric stove heaters look like flames, however they don't produce any heat. Other types of fireplaces, such as those using combustible fuel sources such as propane, wood, or kerosene require a vent to expel the harmful gases they generate safely out of your home. These kinds of heaters are made for permanent installation and can't be used as portable space heaters that can be moved from room to rooms. They can be useful as a second source of warmth in larger houses, but they aren't able to warm a home for a family to an acceptable temperature.

Freestanding electric stove heaters, on the other hand, have a heater integrated into their design and are therefore capable of heating your entire house. They usually have two heat settings and are fan forced to ensure a broad heat dispersion. This makes them perfect for heating zones in your living rooms and bedrooms. They also have an authentic LED 3D Flame Effect with an ember bed that creates a beautiful ambience even without heat.

Another important feature to look for in a stove heater that is electric is a safety feature that will shut off the fire and flame effect when the heater is at a certain temperature. This will prevent you from turning off the heater accidentally and burning your home in the event that you do not remember.

There are many different brands of electric stove heaters available to choose from, so it is important to conduct your research prior to buying one. There are a few generic electric stove heaters that have very inadequate heating performance and weak fire effects, so it's best to stick with the most trusted names in the industry.

The top rated electric stove heaters include those from Dimplex, Napoleon, and Kozy Heat. These manufacturers make their stoves look similar to the well-known wood and gas stoves to add a traditional look to your home. They also offer a range of features to make these appliances more useful, like a remote control, programmable timer and a digital thermostat.

Fire Effects

Electric stove heaters feature various fire effects, including coal or pebble effects, as well as logs and logs to give the appearance and feel of real wood burning in the fireplace. Some models even have flames that can operate without the heat being on, providing you with the perfect flickering light to enjoy all year long. Additional features to consider are remote control, timer and infrared quartz heating which maintains the natural humidity levels in the room. The electric ranges we sell include cutting-edge technologies like Gazco's ChromaLight ImmersiveLED system, which creates a dazzling 3D effect.

If it is incorporated into an existing chimney breast or located freestanding in the room An electric stove is a breeze to install and operate. Plug in, turn on and enjoy a warm atmosphere immediately. They are also less expensive than gas stoves because they don't require a flue.

One of the biggest drawbacks to these units is that they struggle to heat up the room, particularly when used as primary or sole heating. This is due to the small space they have within them in order to make room for fire technology as well as the heating element.

The small size of the appliance can result in poor fire effects and a lack of realisticity. This is because they must cram in the heater, power supply, and fire technology. It's important to remember that if you want a good heating appliance and amazing fire effects, you'll be better off by choosing an independent model.

An alternative to the traditional electric stove is TV stand fireplaces that can be integrated into an entertainment center or other piece of furniture and provides both warmth and an accent feature for the room. These are usually smaller than stoves, however they do offer the benefit of integrating all the elements into one piece of furniture, which can save on storage space.

If you're experiencing issues with the effects of flames on your electric stove, it could be a sign that the rod that helps generate them has seized up. Try adding any form of lubricant like WD40 to the rod's end in the event that you hear it wailing or squeaking during operation to help loosen it.


The e-Flame USA Hamilton electric stove heater is a great option for those seeking a chic electric fireplace that resembles a real wood burning fireplace. It has a sturdy black, shiny body that is cool to touch. This model can heat up to 215 square feet and has a tempered-glass window with two heating settings. It is also CSA approved and comes with safety features like an overheat protection system that shuts down the heater in the event that it gets too hot.

Find an electric heater that is freestanding, which is sleek and easy to install. Some models have the option of a remote control that lets you adjust the flame brightness and color modes, as well as other features. Digital thermostats, sleep timers, and programmable settings are also common features.

An electric stove heater that offers multiple simulated fire effects is another crucial aspect to consider. Some models create an effect that is multi-directional and others employ mirror surfaces to create the illusion of depth.

When choosing an electric stove heater, you must be aware of the power consumption. You must know the amps that your home can handle because the majority are measured in Watts. You can use an online watt-to-amp converter to determine how much power your home can handle.

Most brands of electric stove heaters provide various alternatives for simulated fires, such as classic logs, crackling logs, and realistic dancing flames. Some models even have a simulated glowing ember bed and embers that add to the ambience of the fire. The top stoves feature a top-quality fire effect which allows you to enjoy a relaxing and cozy atmosphere throughout winter.

nrg-8kw-black-cast-iron-wood-burning-stoVisit our showroom in Tilton If you're searching for an electric heater that you can buy. We offer top manufacturers such as Dimplex and Napoleon and also accessories to go with your new fireplace. Electric heaters add an inviting, warm environment to your home. They are also low-maintenance.


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