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Where Will Kia Ceed Key Fob 1 Year From Right Now?

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How to Get a Kia Key Replacement

If you have a Kia smart remote fob or keypad that doesn't work, your first step is to visit your dealer. After verifying that you have the vehicle, they should be able provide you with the code.

You will also need to visit an Auto keys r us locksmith in order to cut the key and have it programmed to start your vehicle. They will charge you less than the dealer.

Hidden Key Fob

If you own a Kia model, you'll love knowing that your key fob is equipped with a secret feature that can open the windows and sunroof. This feature can be activated by pressing and holding the "unlock button" for 10 seconds. This simple trick can help keep your car cool during the summer.

The key fob can also be used to lock and unlock door locks shut the trunk, and fold the wing mirrors. This feature is great in the event that you park your car in a dangerous location and wish to keep it secured from thieves. This feature is only available for models with a remote/intelligent fob-key.

It is easy to change the battery in your key fob. First take off the mechanical key and flip the fob with the button facing down. Use a flat-bladed device to pry the bottom panel open and expose the battery. Make sure you're using a correct battery, for example, Auto Keys R Us a CR2023.

If you're ready replace the battery, make sure you have your VIN number and keys readily available. Kia dealerships won't be able to cut keys for replacement without this information. Fortunately, an automotive locksmith can.

Remote Start

Kia is always working to make your life a bit easier, and one of their most convenient features is their hands-free lock and unlock feature. All you have to do is place your thumb against the handle and the car will unlock. This is great if you do not have enough hands to open the car, or when you're in the market for some quick food items.

Another great feature is the remote start. You can start your car using the key fob and ensure it is already warm prior auto Keys r Us to leaving for work or go to the gym. This is especially useful for cold winter mornings, when you need to quickly warm your vehicle before getting ready for your commute.

You can also make use of the remote start button to start your car's panic alarm. If you discover that the battery in your key fob has died then you can push it to get to the analog key. In addition, you may press the button on the back of your fob to open the trunk or liftgate.

It's not something you need to do very often, but knowing how to change the battery in your key fob is important. The process is relatively easy to do at home, however you might need assistance from a professional if you have an intelligent key fob with a lot of features.

Transponder Chip

The key fobs for Kia vehicles feature an invisible chip. The chip transmits a code to your car only when you use the keys. This is a valuable security feature that stops thieves from starting your car without your permission.

The immobilizer activates when you use the key to unlock the doors. This makes it very difficult for thieves to wire hot wires to your car because the transponder chip won't disengage the immobilizer. But, it's important to keep in mind that this won't make your car impervious to theft as skilled car thieves can discover ways to steal cars with transponders.

If you're looking to replace the battery on your Kia key fob, the process is relatively straightforward and can be done at home with the right tools. You'll require an screwdriver with a flat head to locate the small slot on the back of the fob. The screwdriver should be inserted into the slot and gently pry open the casing of plastic to reveal the inside component. Then, you can remove the battery that was in use and replace it with a brand new one.

It may seem like an easy task, but you will need to replace the battery in your Kia's key fob often. It is recommended to hire a professional car locksmith that is skilled in Kia models like the Rio Soul, Forte Optima and Telluride Sportage to save money. The best locksmiths for automobiles will have a large selection of key fobs on hand which means you don't have to wait on parts shipments or find a cheaper product your own.


The immobilizer in Kia makes it difficult for thieves to take your vehicle as it guarantees only a key programmed by the code can turn on it. This makes it difficult for anyone, other than an authorized dealer to hack into the system.

If your vehicle has an immobilizer, it is essential to keep your keys in a separate place and keep them away from one another when driving or leaving your car. If the keys are close together, the transponder chips may interfere with each other and cause a malfunction in the start-up. Metal accessories on the keys can also interfere with the chip's signal transmission. In this instance, the engine will not start and the key has to be replaced.

Although it is possible to purchase an alternative key from the dealership but it's much more expensive than hiring locksmith. Plus, you have to deal with the hassle of transporting your vehicle to and from the dealership.

It is crucial to contact a professional locksmith to replace the battery in your Kia in the event that it has a smart-key. They'll have the tools to do this and can usually complete the task quickly in your area. Additionally, they will be capable of testing the key with the adequate diagnostic equipment to determine whether it's the ignition that's not working or if it is something other.


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