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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About How Much Is A Ghost Immobiliser?

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Ghost 2 Immobiliser Problems

The Ghost 2 Immobiliser Near Me 2 immobiliser, designed to protect cars from key cloning or hacking is a discreet device which can be installed without damaging your vehicle. It prevents you from starting your car unless you have entered the correct sequence of keys in your vehicle. This is similar to the mobile password.


Ghost Immobilisers stop vehicles being stolen by preventing the engine from starting unless it receives the correct PIN code. This is done with no modification to the vehicle and is totally undetectable to thieves. The unit communicates with the ECU on the CAN data bus, which allows it to lock the vehicle. This system is similar to the one automobile manufacturers have been using in their vehicles for a long time, however, the thief isn't able to add a key or utilize key relay technology to bypass it like they can with factory fitted systems.

Ghost Ghost can be fitted to any vehicle, van motorhome, caravan, or bike with an engine and is compatible with all popular makes of vehicles. The same system can also be used on electric vehicles. It's a great alternative to steering wheel locks and wheel clamps, and can be installed with a minimum of effort.

When the Ghost is activated, it will stop all buttons in your car, preventing the ignition being started without the PIN code. This can be done using the Android or Apple mobile apps or by manually entering the code through your key fob. If the incorrect code is entered, the app will display an indicator light. The Ghost will then refuse to let the vehicle be started again. This is a great method to deter thieves. If the vehicle can't be started the thieves will be able to move on.

The Ghost is small, weatherproof device that can be concealed in the most difficult to access parts of your car. Installation takes between 20 and 30 minutes for each vehicle. It is also simple to remove if you choose to switch vehicles, or to give it to a service center or valet parking. It is an TASSA (Tracking and Aftermarket Security Systems Association), insurance approved system that is recognized by a few insurance companies. It also comes with an emergency security feature that is secured by Pin Code Override, and a Service/Valet mode that can be activated by pressing a button within the app, or by using your key fob.


KeyLab-1-e1658690716312-300x146.pngUnlike the mechanical anti-theft devices, which can be removed, ghost immobilisers are hidden and integrated into the vehicle. Even if they were found, thieves would not be able to start the vehicle. They are nearly impossible to hack or bypass. This is because a ghost immobiliser blocks key blocking, signal jamming, and device spoofing - methods that are commonly used by thieves to get into vehicles with standard immobilisers.

The immobiliser transmits a code to the ECU. If a incorrect code is received and the vehicle does not start since the engine won't start. It is possible to disable a ghost immobiliser using the aid of a software program, however it is extremely time-consuming and difficult to accomplish this. Only an authorised installer can install and use the software.

The Ghost immobiliser is a small device that is part of the vehicles wiring loom and is invisible to the naked eye once installed. It doesn't show up on diagnostic systems. There are no indicators with LEDs, and it does not communicate with the engine through the OBD port. It communicates in silence through the CAN data loop.

The system will not allow the vehicle to start until it is given an input PIN code that is entered by the user. The PIN code is entered via buttons on the steering wheel and door panels as well as the central console. This is a safer way to safeguard your car since it doesn't require an additional remote control or key fob.

Ghost also comes with a service mode that can be activated via the mobile application. This allows you to give your keys to someone else to use for service or valet parking, without the need to enter a disarm sequence.

No matter if your Ghost is in service mode or not you should not attempt to remove the system by yourself since it could impact the engine and cause damage. It is recommended that you contact a TASSA verified installer who can remove the system safely and properly. Our latest GHOST immobilisers include a special fingerprint QR sticker, which is hidden in various parts of your vehicle. They are connected to our security register. In the event that the system is removed and then is sold on the blackmarket, this will allow you to trace the original owner.


The anti-hijack function is a key feature of the Ghost Immobiliser 2. This system functions as smart keys and is one of the most secure methods to keep your car safe from theft. Whenever the ignition switch is switched to on, and the vehicle is stationary for 30 seconds, the Ghost system will stop the engine and turn the hazard lights on. This gives the driver or passengers time to press a secret security button (depending on the vehicle) before the system is activated and the engine is once again allowed to start.

In contrast to other systems that simply stop the engine when the ignition is switched to on and on, the Ghost system uses a special controller and timer unit that will close the valve that cuts off fuel when it is activated after a set period of time even if the ignition is still turned on! This delay time period needs to be long enough to allow the hijacked owner of the vehicle to drive away from the site of the robbery and sufficient distance from the vehicle that is stalled before the system can be activated.

In addition to the standard CANbus immobiliser blocking capabilities of the Ghost system, it also comes with an extra level of security that prevents common methods of hacking used to gain access to modern vehicles, such as relay attacks key range extending, key range hacking and ECU swapping. The Ghost system communicates in a quiet way and does not emit signals that can be detected by thieves using codes-grabbing or RF scanning technology.

The Ghost system comes with the valet or service mode which allows your vehicle to temporarily be started and driven, without the need for PIN code. This is great if you park your car and only require it to be left for a short time, such as to open the garage door or put groceries in the boot. The system will then exit the service mode according to the speed and duration or through an easy PIN code input process. This will give you complete assurance that only you are able to drive your vehicle!

Keyless Entry

Many consumers are now seeking additional security measures because of the growing trend of car thefts using contactless technology. This is particularly true for those who have put in time or money to personalize their vehicles and own expensive or rare vehicles. Immobilisers that are added to your vehicle can be a good way to deter this type of theft since they prevent your car from starting until the correct pin code is entered, along with your key fob.

Immobilisers are designed for different vehicle circuits, including those that control starter motors and fuel pumps. They also can shut off the car alarm in order to draw attention to and frighten away any potential thieves.

These devices communicate with the engine control unit (ECU) via the CAN data circuit, and they stop thieves from trying to bypass it by installing a brand new ECU or by using a key programmer. These immobilisers are installed discreetly in your vehicle, leaving no trace and are inaccessible to the tools hi-tech thieves use.

The Ghost immobiliser differs from other systems that require the driver to carry a tag or an app. Instead, you are able to choose your own pin sequence by pressing an image on your steering, door panel, and the centre console. The pin can easily be changed to make the device as secure as a credit card. It's also more difficult to break since it requires as many as 20 presses.

ghost 2 immobiliser installation also comes with a Valet/Service mode, which permits users to deactivate it when you intend to surrender your vehicle for valet parking, or for service. This allows the system to function within certain parameters, such as a 30-mph speed limit. It can be activated by using the original key or key that corresponds to the entry code.

Installed by our reputable installers It is the most secure and effective aftermarket CAN-immobiliser available. It is also certified by Thatcham for insurance purposes. The Ghost 2 immobiliser is also provided with six QR fingerprint labels, an ISR contact card that contains your unique QR code and an emergency number that is secure that are kept in your purse or wallet of your car.


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