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What Will Squirting On Dildo Be Like In 100 Years?

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Doc Johnson Bust It Squirting Cock

A squirting cock sporting a shaft that's veined to give the most realistic experience. Fill it with your preferred body safe lubricant to create a wet, wild finish. It is ideal for play with puss or to ensure your partner's satisfaction. It's compatible with harnesses and has an suction cup base for hands-free for solo play.

This realistic, girthy todger comes complete with a 1 ounce sample of Doc Johnson's Nut Butter semen simulating lube. Made from Doc Johnson's FIRMSKYN, a phthlate free material that is safe for human body.

The following are some examples of

Doc Johnson's Bust It is a squirting daddy that is safe for the body and free of phthalates. It is designed to resemble an ejaculate and provides great lubrication. The Dildo comes in a tube of Nut Butter that is ready to squirt, but you can also utilize other lubricants that are realistic.

The toy comes with a syringe tip that slides easily into your shaft. It's also easy to clean, which means you can use it again and again. The tip also has a locking mechanism to prevent it from accidentally slipping off during play. The squirting feature works well, but some users have complained that it might cause a burning sensation when the toy is played with for prolonged periods of time.

The King Cock squirting Dildo is another one that is free of phthalate and safe for your body. It features a tapered, realistic head that makes penetration much easier and more satisfying. The cock can also be found in various sizes, so you can find the one that suits your needs. It comes with a suction cup base and is harness-compatible.

The cock is made of high-quality TPR material that has an authentic feel. The squirting process is smooth and satisfying. It's also simple to squeeze the balls in order to make it work. It's also phthalates-free and body-safe, so you can use it with any type of lube.


Doc Johnson, an American toy maker, has been bringing adults a lot of fun since the year 1976. They produce a variety toys, including dildos that come in various shapes and sizes. Double-ended dildos can be utilized to play with your partner and the squirting feature can be fun.

The Bust It squirting realistic cock is made of a soft, supple Ultraskyn material and is anatomically accurate, with a veined shaft and a well-defined crown. The cock is fitted with a squirting system and can be filled with any body-safe lubricant. The cock also has the ability to perform ejaculation at will. Simply put your liquid in the syringe. The dildo sprays you with a stream of "Nut Butter", which is similar to semen.

The dildo contains a one ounce sample of Doc's Splooge Juice. It has an suction base that adheres to surfaces and slot into harnesses, allowing hands-free enjoyment. It's phthalate-free and safe for your body, so it won't leach chemicals into your vagina or the skin. It can be used in conjunction with any other water-based product.

Like all squirting toy, should be kept away from direct sunlight since it's porous. It can absorb lubricants and it could even develop a new toy plastic scent. Therefore, it's best squirting dildos to store it in a cool, dry place, and to spray it with antibacterial or oral sex toys cleaning products regularly.


Doc Johnson Doc Johnson, an American company that manufactures adult-oriented toys is providing an unforgettable experience since. Their sex toys combine classic design with contemporary function, blending traditional design and modern technology to provide the ultimate in enjoyment and satisfaction. Bust The squirting cock no different. It features an 8.5-inch model with a very realistic shaft that is incredibly detailed. The cock also has moveable balls and a defined crown to provide a realistic look, and the squirting action is made possible by a unique semen-like formula called Nut Butter.

To use, simply fill the syringe with your favorite body-safe lubricant, then push it down the cock's cock for a thrilling squirting experience. The squirting device and cock are made from a thick and firm FIRMSKYN that feels just like real squirting and is phthlate-free and safe for your body. The toy comes with a sample of Nut butter and you can buy additional 4oz bottles to maximize the versatility.

The realistic squirting cock is an impressive length and can be used as a stand-alone or as a part of a harness for an enjoyable, hands-free experience. The cock can be attached to the included Vac U-Lock suction cup base to ensure hands-free play on any surface. The toy can be squirted using water-based lube as well for more versatility, and the tube and syringe are easy to clean with soapy water after every use.


Doc Johnson is a trusted brand in leisure toys. Its innovative products combine traditional design with modern purpose to create sex toys that are fun and safe to use. They also have some of the most attractive and most realistic-looking textures available which enhance the senses of stimulation. There's a variety of toys that will satisfy all tastes and preferences.

This squirting dildo features an authentic head, coronal ridge and veiny texture. It is made of real-looking material, UR3. It is squeezable, making it easy to control the squirt as well as vibrations. It has a squirting dildo toy applicator to ensure precise application. It is compatible with other squirting devices and oil lubricants.

Our testers loved the realistic cock and how it felt during the penetration. The realistic tapered head makes the process of insertion, while the base grows to provide the sensation of squirting. It is a bit more expensive but it's worth the price. It is not recommended for King Cock squirting Dildo novices. It is squirting which means that beginners must be cautious when using it. It's also not a great idea to mix this product with water because it can turn gummy quickly. Spunk Lube is a fantastic lubricant that is safe for the body and super-squirty. It is 100% phthalates-free, body-safe and works with any type squirting dildo.King-Cock-9-Inch-Squirting-Cock-With-Bal


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