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The Next Big Event In The Citroen C1 Key Replacement Industry

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Writer Bailey 23-09-22 03:06


Getting a Citroen Remote Key Replacement

Losing your car keys can be a painful experience, especially if you have an remote key. The good news is that you can generally get a replacement key for an affordable price than going to the dealer.

Prior to 1997, all Citroen keys didn't use transponders (Philips fixed code type 33). Making spares and keypads to these models is very straight forward and can be made on the spot in a matter of minutes.


Losing your car key can be costly. The amount of money required varies according to the kind of vehicle, its manufacturer and model, and the features it has. In some cases it is possible that the replacement cost will be more than the value of the car itself.

Every year, car keys are more complex and expensive to replace. Some key fobs for example, have an electronic chip that lets you to start your engine without having the key in the ignition. This feature is susceptible to hacking and opens the door for thieves.

Many locksmiths offer key fob replacement at a reasonable price, but you should verify their prices before hiring them. You can also compare quotes from local garages, as well as Citroen dealerships and mechanics for cars online. This can save your time and money.

The key fob is the remote control which allows you to lock and unlock your car from some distance. Keys are typically made of durable plastic, and Autokeysrus the cost is about PS320. They are more durable than traditional car keys, and are designed to resist water damage. Some of them are waterproof, which makes them more resistant to theft. They can be connected to your smartphone for additional security.


A key fob for a car remote is equipped with buttons that send signals to a circuit board whenever they are activated. In time, these signals can be lost and the keys cease to function. The issue is typically caused by worn out button contacts or internal parts that are loose. Fortunately, there are ways to resolve the issue.

The majority of Citroen vehicles built after 1998 have transponders or chips within the key to deactivate the standard immobiliser system in the vehicle. The chip could become out of connection with the vehicle and requires resynchronisation using special diagnostic equipment. You can save money by having the key replaced by an auto-locksmith rather than the dealership.

Replacing Citroen keys for cars or vans is simple and quick when you work with KeyNOW. Our mobile technicians are trained to manage the replacement process swiftly and efficiently while keeping you informed each step of the process. We'll also ensure that the new keys are properly programmed for your vehicle's safety system.

Citroen keys from 1997 and earlier do not have transponders, therefore, you can easily make an additional key or replace one that has been lost on site. It takes only some minutes. The owner's wallet holds the plastic "SECURITY CARD" which is the size of a credit card, which includes a PIN code under the scratch panel. This code can be obtained without going to the dealer.


Citroen cars are constructed with high-quality security measures to prevent car theft. These security measures are based on the use a transponder within the car key. This chip sends a unique code to the vehicle every time it is activated. This code is used to disable a vehicle's standard immobiliser, Autokeysrus which stops the vehicle from starting without the correct key.

The majority of Citroens made from 1998 and onwards will come with a transponder key that is put into the ignition to start the vehicle. The key is equipped with rolling codes and is typically referred to as fixed code type 33 from Philips or "T5". If you are missing one of these keys, the replacement procedure is easy and can be done on site in a matter of minutes.

Citroen Relay is different to other models. It requires a key that has a pre-coded transponder. The key isn't available at the dealer, and it requires more work to program. This is a highly specialized process and is only undertaken by a few auto-locksmiths.


You can replace your car key an auto dealership. This can be costly and time-consuming. You could save money if get your replacement key from a locksmith that isn't the dealer. They are more efficient than dealerships and provide you with a quote upfront prior to working on the car.

A remote key fob is a tiny device that lets you lock and unlock your car from a short distance without having to insert the key blade into the door lock. It's equipped with a microchip which transmits a code to the car to confirm that you've got your key, and then allow it to start. They are more expensive than other types of keys, however they are more secure.

It is possible to repair the key fob of a key if it was dropped into water using the dehumidifier and rubbing alcohol. You can also use a dehydrator to remove moisture. When your key fob is dry, you can try to re-program it by putting it into the ignition and turning the key to the accessory position. This will initiate programming mode and a chime will sound. After that you need to press the lock or unlock button on the remote.


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