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15 Things Your Boss Wishes You'd Known About 5kw Multi Fuel Stove

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5kW Multi Fuel Stove

This is a truly excellent stove, with its clean lines and modern styling. This model is Defra-exempt and Eco Design 2022 compliant and has a fantastic performance in the winter season. It requires fewer logs to provide the same amount of heat.

nrg-defra-5kw-eco-design-stove-multifuelThis multi fuel stove made of steel offers a generous view of the fire and an airwash system that keeps it clean. It also has a high efficiency rating and is smoke control zone exempt.

Heat output

A stove with 5kW is the perfect option for a small to medium sized living space. It can burn wood burning stove fan or smokeless fuels, and provides enough heat to keep you warm during colder months. Our vast selection of multi fuel stoves is DEFRA approved and come in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional with cast iron and steel. If you're looking for a huge viewing window or an airwash system to stop soot from accumulating, we have the stove for you.

The heat output of stoves is determined by its firebox size and the amount of wood burning stoves for sale that can be burned inside it at once. The efficiency of the stove is affected by how dry the wood has to be. Moisture can affect its effectiveness. For this reason it is crucial to use well seasoned and dried logs for your stove.

When you are deciding on the most suitable wood-burning stove for your home it is important to consider how well-insulated and airtight your space is. If you choose an appliance that burns wood with a high energy output for your home it is likely to overheat and cause damage to its internal components. If you choose an appliance that produces less heat than is needed, your room won't feel warm enough and may require additional heat sources, such as electric heaters or additional radiators.

Our team of skilled installers can provide advice on the heating capacity of the stove you choose to suit your needs and the most efficient kind of fuel to burn to achieve maximum efficiency. This is based on calculations from industry experts and is an informed conclusion we come to over the course of many years and through our involvement in thousands of installations.

As a guide it is recommended that your stove is able to maintain an average temperature of 21degC during a cold winter day. This would mean that the stove must be able to produce five kW when working at full capacity. This is an approximate guideline and there are many aspects to take into consideration when selecting the right stove for your home, such as:

Materials for burning

There are many kinds of fuel that you can use in a multi-fuel stove. A ideal place to begin is with logs. Dry well-seasoned and clean wood is recommended for the most out of your stove, and also to keep out dampness and staining on the glass window.

Multi-fuel stoves can be used with a variety of fuels including peat, anthracite, as well as logs. Make sure to check with the stove installer to ensure that the stove you're buying is compatible with the fuel type you intend to use. In certain areas of the UK, wood burning stoves are not permitted unless they are fitted with an approved smokeless fuel burner.

You can also add more fuel to your fire with a multi-fuel fireplace. This is a great alternative for those who don't want to spend the time or space to gather firewood. For instance adding a few pieces of anthracite, or other smokeless fuels to the embers of your log burner can help in reviving the flames and help keep them going.

It is essential to regularly clean the ash pan as well as the grill when using a wood stove. This will ensure your stove is operating at its highest effectiveness.

You should also only burn quality fuel that is suitable for your stove. Poor quality wood can cause smoky, unhealthy air and can damage your stove. You should also burn only seasoned wood and not green or freshly cut logs.

You can also buy a multi-fuel stove specifically designed to work with a gas supply. These kinds of stoves are often referred to as balanced flue stoves and are ideal for new homes that have been'sealed up' and do not have a traditional masonry chimney. These stoves are powered by twin flue pipes. One of them is used to expel the burned gases from the stove, while the other draws in fresh air to balance the flow outward of hot gasses.


You should consider a stove that has an output of up to 5kw if you want a stove for a small area. This size stove is cheaper than the larger ones, but can still provide enough heat for the majority of rooms. But, it's crucial to make sure that you purchase the right stove appropriate for the space you have because over-sized stoves will either be too hot or will not reach their maximum heating potential.

A wood stove must be installed by a registered HETAS installer, to ensure that the work is done to building regulations. This includes installing a hearth, constructing the chimney, and installing a flue liner or flue system. The installer will also make sure that there is enough space around the stove to meet building regulations. This includes 150mm clearance to the sides and rear of the stove as well as 225mm in the front of the firebox. You can check the manual of the manufacturer for more information about these requirements.

The Stovax Stockton Widescreen stove is a beautiful stove which will look great in any home. It has a simple, classic design and is a great fit for all kinds of interiors. The door is made of cast iron, giving it a timeless look, while the large viewing window provides spectacular views of the flames. It also features an air wash system that is powerful to ensure that the glass remains clear.

If you have a bigger space, you might want to consider a twin wall flue system. This allows you to build a chimney through an exterior wall, and is an excellent alternative to a traditional fireplace. It can be used with a variety of appliances and it is easy to put in.

If you are installing a brand new stove, it may be necessary to build a new chimney breast unless you plan to keep the opening you have. The cost will differ based on the size and type of the hearth and the amount of work needed to construct a chimney. Hiring a HETAS certified engineer will save you money over the long-term.


If you're planning on installing a multi fuel stove or log burner in your home, it is vital that you follow some simple safety guidelines. These are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of your log burner and to ensure that it does not become a fire hazard. It is recommended to install a fireguard on the stove, particularly when you have children. It is also crucial that you never operate a stove when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These substances can impair your coordination and concentration which could lead to an accident.

When you light a new fire in your multi fuel stove it is crucial to open the vents for air to the maximum extent possible to allow as much oxygen as you can into the flames. This will increase the heat output and aid in catching the fire faster. The vents for air must be closed once the fire is lit to reduce the flow of oxygen and stop the flames burning through combustible material in the fireplace.

Depending on the fuel you use, you may have to adjust the vents in the course of the fire. In order for wood to burn efficiently, it needs a constant flow of air. Coal requires less. It is also necessary to control the temperature of the stove, since the high temperature of operation can damage it by producing creosote. It is essential to follow the instructions in the manual of your stove and keep it within its operating temperature range.

Installing a heat shield will aid in reducing the clearance required around your stove. They are available at most hardware stores and are often constructed from a strong galvanised steel for maximum security. They can be installed behind your stove and can reduce the minimum distance from combustible materials to 150mm on the rear and sides, and 225mm at the front. This will ensure that your stove is safe and conforms to the requirements of building regulations and manufacturer guidelines.


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